Interdisciplinary Collaboration through
Resource and Data Sharing Plan

   Our unprecedented approach for cell control can only be accomplished by collaborations across several disciplines. The investigators of the Center for Cell Control have established records in interdisciplinary researches. We are confident that our investigators will continue to further push the forefront of researches along this exciting direction. We are also interested in sharing our technologies and the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration with other NIH Nanomedicine Development Centers as well as other research groups around the world.

Expanding the horizon of interdisciplinary collaborations:
   Through a decade of interdisciplinary collaborations between life science, medicine and engineering disciplines, the investigators of the Center for Cell Control have successfully traversed the boundaries that exist between fundamentally different fields. All of us have benefited most when we adapted different but complementary research spirit to our specialized areas; these cross-disciplinary stimulations have lead to many revolutionary outcomes. We will actively share our excitement and experience in interdisciplinary research, as well as seek collaborations with the other interdisciplinary centers. We are interested in contributing our wide range of nanoscale measurement and manipulation modalities for investigating the biological complex system with our potential collaborators.

Data and Resource Sharing Plan:
   Resources (e.g., engineered nanoparticles, advanced nanotool devices, etc…) will be shared with the nanotechnology, biotechnology, life sciences, and medical communities as all of our center members and technical collaborators have done in the past, within the usual University of California guidelines for the protection of intellectual property and within the guidelines established by the NIH.

   Research collaborators and collaborations will be actively sought with members of the scientific community, which is an essential part of the spirit of our Center. If there is any interest for collaboration or request for resource available at our center, please contact us.

Other Associated activities of Center Members

   This center has a team of accomplished researchers from the Schools of Medicine, Life Sciences and Engineering. All these faculty members and their students/post-docs have participated in highly productive interdisciplinary Centers, including NASA  Institute for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration (CM Ho, M Teitell, X Zhang and M Wu), UCLA Stem Cell Biology and Medicine (H Wu, M Teitell and CM Ho), NSF Center for Scalable and Integrated Nanomanufacturing , (X Zhang and CM Ho) and Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (M Wu and X Zhang). With the many year collaboration experiences, the team members of the Center for Cell Control will focus their expertise on studying and controlling the cyto-network in time resolved manner for the NIH's Nanomedicine Development Center program. The scope of collaboration can be highly leveraged by these associated interdisciplinary activities of the Center members.

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